Why is The Goal League a perfect fit for leisure centres?

The Goal League kit is perfect for sports and leisure centres, and brings fantastic revenue earning potential.

The Goal League is suitable for ages 5 – 65+. It is one of the few sports that families can actually play and enjoy together competitively.

A Goal League hourly tournament brings 60 people into your leisure centre (20 teams of 3 people), as opposed to 10 for 5 a side soccer, so makes for a busy centre.

All entries and payments to male adult Goal Leagues are taken from the players via our website (£4.50 per player per hour), saving leisure centres administration time. Each team plays 38 games.

We pay leisure centres £500 to host a male adult Goal League. (4 weekly X 2 hour sessions – inc set up / take down). This works out to be DOUBLE or even TRIPLE regular court fees! We also pay £150 for a member of their team to be a Goal League Coordinator.

Advertise your own leisure centre behind the goalframes, which will be on every goal downloaded from the court cameras.

We make NO CHARGE WHATSOEVER! for the following categories-

  • Women
  • Seniors 65+
  • Para
  • Youth – 13-16 years
  • Children – U-13 years
  • Lads and Dads!
  • Mixed- 1 man and 1 woman in 1 team

We give all the equipment needed to play the game COMPLETELY FOR FREE (subject to terms)